What is Ayurved?

Word Ayurved is composed of two Sanskrit terms – ‘Ayus’ meaning life and ‘Veda’ meaning knowledge, literally meaning – the knowledge and science of life.

Ayurved Principles

Ayurved uses 5 element (space/ air, wind, fire, water and earth) and Tridosha theory (Vata, Pita, Kapha) to detect personality, ailment and treatment.


We offer Panchakarma therapies like, Vamana, Virechana, Anuvasana Basti, Niruha Basti and Nasya, along with many other pre and post procedural treatments.


Aiming to offer finest Ayurvedic treatment service we, at NIROGDHAM are all set with ayurvedic treatment services. Located in Baroda (Gujarat), we provide all traditional and authentic ayurvedic therapies.

Suvarnaprashan - An Ayurvedic Immunisation

Benefits of Suvarnaprashan

Suvarnaprashan improves the digestion power and it results to the child’s improvement of physical stamina. It glows the skin tone. In short, Suvarnaprashan is a best element to prevent child. And any illness can not touch him early. It is….
• Strong immunity Enhancer
• Physical development
• Memory Booster
• Makes child active and Intellect
• Improve Digestive Power
• Improve Tone of Skin
After understanding the importance of Suvarnaprashan, one of the Sanskar among the sixteen Sanskar of Indian traditions; any one has considering each child at least once in life.